New Schokinag Chocolate Products
For Serious Home Chefs

Baking Chunks formerly only available commercially and nine new drinking chocolate flavors


Schokinag Chocolate North America, Inc., has introduced a line of professional-quality chocolate for home chefs, including European Drinking Chocolate, Baking Bars, Baking Chunks and Cocoa Powder.

European Drinking Chocolate
Unlike instant hot chocolate mixes, Schokinag’s drinking chocolate is made with professional-quality chocolate that comes in the form of tiny “microchips.” The result is an easy-to-make chocolate beverage that is richer, creamier and more flavorful than instant mixes.

·     German Chocolate Cake—a blend of milk chocolate microchips, natural caramel and coconut milk powder. It was a NASFT finalist for Outstanding New Product of 2004.

·     Extreme Dark—79% cocoa made with Extreme Darkchocolate microchips dusted with cocoa powder. The ultimate dark chocolate experience.

·     No Sugar Added Triple Chocolate—a low-carb, no-sugar-added version of Schokinag’s Triple Chocolate Drinking Chocolate. A dream-come-true for diabetics and low-carb dieters.

·     Triple Chocolate—dark and milk chocolate microchips dusted with cocoa powder.

·     White Chocolate—white chocolate microchips and natural vanilla.

·     Dulce de Leche—white chocolate microchips and natural caramel NASFT Outstanding Beverage 2004.

·     Chocolate Mocha—milk and white chocolate microchips with real Colombian coffee.

·     Moroccan Spice—made from a blend of aromatic spices, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate. It’s Schokinag’s most exotic drinking chocolate yet.

·     Chocolate Mint—a classic combination of dark and milk chocolate with refreshing mint. Served over ice, it’s the perfect summer treat.


Baking Bars
Schokinag’s professional-quality chocolate bars are perfect for everything from fondue to truffles. Available in Bittersweet Chocolate (72% cocoa), Milk Chocolate (38% cocoa) and White Chocolate bars.

Baking Chunks
Originally available only commercially, Schokinag’s baking chunks are extruded into long strips, then cut with a guillotine blade. Their large, unique shape makes them terrific for cookies and muffins. Available in Semi Sweet (50% cocoa), Milk Chocolate (32% cocoa) and White Chocolate chunks.

Cocoa Powder
Schokinag's Dutch-processed cocoa powder is notable for its high percentage of cocoa butter (22-24%). This cocoa powder has a robust flavor that is reflected in its deep burnt sienna color. The shaker-top canister makes it easy for home chefs to decorate their baking creations.

Schokinag products are available nationwide in gourmet, natural and fine grocery stores, including Whole Foods, Draeger’s, Zabar’s and Central Market. All of Schokinag’s products are 100% natural, GMO free and Kosher Dairy.

For more than 80 years, Schokinag has been manufacturing chocolate at its factory in southern Germany. The company remains one of only a handful of privately held, family-owned chocolate companies. Schokinag’s products may also be purchased online at


Edited by Patricia D. Sherman


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