New Product Review: Dove Sugar-Free Chocolates

John M. Sedlak


One of the benefits of doing reviews of chocolate products is tasting the generously provided samples. The first necessary attribute of a chocolate product is that it must taste good. Second, the dietary characteristics must be considered from the viewpoint of the most likely consumers. Tasting good is the responsibility of the manufacturer. The dietary implications must be decided by the individual.

Dove has introduced a new sugar-free range of chocolates. They come in three flavors: Sugar Free Dark Double Chocolate Creme, Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Creme and Chocolate with Mint Creme. The product was received with pieces about 0.30 oz. individually sealed in packages; eleven pieces total were placed in another sealed bag. This packaging insures freshness.

I tested the Dark Double Chocolate Cremes first. An individual piece gave off an immediate sensation of very sweet dark chocolate. The degree of sweetness, a bit unexpected for dark chocolate, was confirmed when I ate the sample. The piece melted in my mouth and had a very creamy texture, facilitated by the non-sugar sweetener maltitol. Unlike some chocolate products, there was no aftertaste. The Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cremes have the same superior taste and mouth feel. The added berry flavoring is very pleasant, with a high sweetness, as expected for a raspberry dark chocolate.

These Dove products amply fulfill the primary characteristic of a chocolate treat: They taste great. Dove, a Mars Inc. company, uses a proprietary Cocoapro process to, designed to retain the naturally occurring cocoa flavanols, which may have cardiovascular health benefits. This process is the dominant factor in developing an appealing intense, sweet chocolate flavor. Based on the suggested retail price, one delicious piece costs only about 25 cents.

Dietary considerations vary according to individual situations. The use of a slowly metabolizing non-sugar sweetener makes this product easier to assimilate for sugar-intolerant consumers. The product nutrition facts indicate zero trans-fat and zero sodium, with only traces of cholesterol. However, individuals need to make sure their diets can assimilate the relatively high level of saturated fat reported by the manufacturer for these chocolates.

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John M. Sedlak has a Ph.D. in physical chemistry. A native New Englander, he now lives in Shreveport, LA, and writes about scientific and technical topics. He holds 12 patents in the areas of chemical synthesis and electrical measurement technology.


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