Easter Egg Hunt in Shanghai

By Sandra Scott


The Peninsula Hotels are high on my list of “Favorite Places to Stay.” But, then again, the Peninsula Hotels are always on the short list of World’s Best Hotels according to Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast, and other magazines. Our first visit to the Shanghai Peninsula proved to be just as wonderful as our stays at some of the other Peninsula hotels.

The Shanghai Peninsula is located on the Bund, a wonderful waterfront area on the western bank of the Huangpu River. The Bund is lined with historic buildings and offers great views of Pudong Island, which reminds me of a scene from the old cartoon, The Jetsons.

John and I like everything about the Peninsula. Staff always greets guests as if they were long-time friends, the lobby lounge has live music, the rooms are elegant, the restaurants top-notch, the spa is wonderful, and there is always something unique to experience. I especially love the Salon de Ning, named for the fictional Madame de Ning, a 1920s traveler about whom they have written a diary-style book. Madame de Ning, my alter ego, bounced around the world enjoying the best of everything.

Last year, when we arrived at the Shanghai Peninsula on Easter weekend we were greeted with a large display of chocolate Easter eggs in the lobby. I never associated Easter with Chinese culture but then I realized that missionaries brought Christianity to China long ago and Shanghai has always been a city that was home to many foreigners. And the biggest surprise was that on Easter morning the hotel hosts an Easter egg hunt for the youngsters. Of course, we had to check it out.

The Compass Bar, which was closed to other guests, was set up with beautifully adorned Easter baskets. When the youngsters arrived, decked out in their Easter finery, they were greeted by the Easter Bunny, given a basket, joined in some games, and then given a short list of instructions. Each basket had a color-coded chart of eggs. In the quiet, secluded court just outside the hotel the staff had hidden the eggs. There was one egg of each color for each child. Then the fun began. It was quite obvious that for some of the children it was their first Easter Egg Hunt. Truth be known, it was my first, too, if I don’t count the ones that took place in our house when our children were young. However, it didn’t take long for even the youngest children to learn and the rush was on to find the eggs. I didn’t consider it cheating to point out some of the hidden eggs to the youngest ones who were still a little unsure of the game plan. And the best part.—at the end, each child received a huge white chocolate egg. We were not part of the hunt so after the festivities we headed to the Peninsula chocolate store where there was plenty of chocolate, including Easter eggs white and dark.

With our chocolate purchases in hand we headed to our room to plan the rest of our Easter Sunday. Ah, a spa treatment, with some time around the pool, cocktails at Salon de Ning, and dinner at Yi Long Court. It was one of our most memorable Easter Sundays for sure but then, again, all our stays at The Peninsula hotels are unforgettable.


Visit www.peninsula.com.


Sandra Scott is a frequent contributor to travel publications and to Creators Syndicate and has co-authored two books on local history. She lives in Mexico, NY.

Photos by J. J. Scott.


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