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Truffles or bonbons, milk, white or dark, Texas boasts some heavy-hitting chocolatiers. Visitors to the shops can sample the goods, catch glimpses of the chocolate making process, and in some cases, even participate in an intensive truffle making class.For those who can’t make it to Texas, each of these shops ship to locations outside of Texas.

Wiseman House, Hico
Using chocolate from Belgium and Venezuela, the Wiseman House creates truffles with flavor profiles such as Love Potion (dark Belgian chocolate ganache with cinnamon and chipotle pepper) and Southern Hospitality (milk chocolate ganache with Jack Daniel’s whiskey). Customers can drop by to watch the chocolatier hand make truffles and confections or take a five-hour chocolate making class.

Chocolat, Fredericksburg
Chocolat specializes in European-style liquid center chocolates. Spinning a fine sugar shell (only a few crystals thick) around the liquid center creates an edible moisture barrier that traps the liquid and enhances the flavor. The collection includes more than 30 varieties filled with liqueurs, wine and coffee and fruit flavorings.


Roscar Chocolates, Bastrop
Dutch-born chocolatier Frans Hendriks hand crafts bonbons. Flavors include tangerine and double-dark lavender. His country truffles combine buttery ganache and exotic herbs and spices, with flavors such as Thai Peanut or the Tequila & Jalapeno.


CocoaModa, Calvert
Chocolatier Ken Wilkinson creates ganaches, confections, and truffles in an ultra-modern chocolate factory housed in a 19th century dry goods store.





Truman Chocolates, Bryan
Truman Chocolate offers 16 colorful and original flavors, including passion fruit, and mimosa.



Dude, Sweet Chocolate, Dallas
This shop was recently opened in the trendy Bishop Arts District by pastry chef and chocolatier Katherine Clapner. Flavors include Zanzibar African curry and banana; Keffir lime and kefir yoghurt; Zorba, fig and fenugreek; Inca, leche quemada and tamarind; Provencal, dried pear, basil and rosemary salt.






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