Mother’s Day: Seven Chocolate Gift Ideas


Alma Chocolate, owned by Chocolatier Sarah Hart, creates a chocolate heart brushed with edible gold leaf for Mother’s Day. It is part of Hart's Icon line, that includes chocolate Buddhas, Sacred Hearts, the Virgin of Guadalupe, and Hamsa hands. All Alma chocolates are made from fresh, fair-traded, organic ingredients and without preservatives or artificial flavors. In November 2008, Hart received the Rising Star Award at the Next Generation Chocolatier Awards in New York. The award, given every two years, recognizes the chocolatier who shows the most promise.

Sweet Beauty A new line of gourmet skincare products inspired by chocolate. The Organic Pretty Acai Berry Face Mask Sweet Beauty has combined the antioxidant properties of the acai berry with the skin softening, moisturizing, and firming properties of the glycerides.Bonus: Chocolate contains compounds that stimulate the release of dopamine in the brain, creating a feeling of euphoria. The chocolate is fair-trade certified.


Alter Eco Fair Trade offers organic, fair trade, vegan, gluten free, soy free, 100 percent natural chocolate that contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners, chemical additives or emulsifiers. Flavors include Dark Chocolate Twist (with crystallized orange peel), Dark Chocolate Velvet (with a touch of organic milk), and Dark Chocolate Mint. Alter Eco works with fair trade farming cooperatives in marginalized communities around the globe to ensure direct trade, fair wages, and funding for community development, scholarships, and women’s empowerment programs.


Chocolate Chile Wrap at La Posada de Santa Fe, The chile acts as a vasodilator to increase surface circulation and the antioxidant-rich dark chocolate nourishes with flavonoids. The treatment lasts about 60 minutes and the fragrance of delicious cocoa lingers. La Posada, a RockResort, is a six-acre hotel and spa in the heart of Santa Fe. It was recently renovated.



Body Polishes from Vintage Body Spa are made with unrefined, fair trade and organic cocoa butter and available in Chocolate Bliss, Mint Chocolate and Morning Mocha scents. A percentage of each order goes Vintage Body Spa's Behind the Curtain initiative to support victims of domestic violence, rape and sexual assault.


Hemloq Chocolate Masque is a chocolate-scented mild exfoliant. It is paraben, sulfate, and cruelty free.




Maker’s Mark Bourbon Chocolates are dark chocolate outside with a nougat center, laced with Maker's Mark, then crowned with a single toasted pecan.

Editor’s note: Whether you care for the taste of whiskey or not, (I’m among those who don’t) these are wonderful chocolates! The dark chocolate is clean and sharp and the filling is beautifully balanced—not too sweet, with a clear whiskey flavor that is clear but not overpowering.


Edited by Patricia D. Sherman


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