Chocolate Treats to Complement Thanksgiving Feasts


Intentional Chocolate Varietal chocolate grown in Hawaii. Ten percent of proceeds support the Deer Park Buddhist Monastery, which encourages international dialogue.



Bloomsberry & Co., based in New Zealand, features designer chocolate infused with a sense of humor.


Baskin-Robbins neighborhood ice cream shops offers take-home cakes with Holiday themes.

  • Apple Pie a la Mode: Caramel praline topping and Apple Pie a la Mode ice cream in a graham cracker pie crust topped with crushed graham cracker, nondairy whipped topping and more caramel praline.

  • Turkey Cake: Shaped like a turkey, favorite ice cream flavor glazed in chocolate/caramel with sugar cone turkey legs.

  • Candy Lane Cottage: Holiday house decorated with Hershey’s Kissables and mini candy canes.

  • Yule Log Roll Cake: White frosted roll cake topped with holly leaf decorations and three red candles.

Emily’s Chocolates offers a variety of chocolatecovered nuts and fruits.

  • Milk Chocolate Cocoa Dusted Pecans: Lightly roasted pecans in milk chocolate.

  • Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry Hazelnuts: Sun-ripened dried cherries and roasted hazelnuts in dark chocolate.

  • Milk Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers: Honey graham crackers covered in milk chocolate.

  • Dark Chocolate Cranberry Almond:Tart, driedcranberries and roasted almonds in dark chocolate


Edited by Patricia D. Sherman


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