Fair Trade Chocolate Company Owned
by Ghana Growers Opens US Branch


Divine Chocolate, the first farmer-owned, Fair Trade chocolate company, began in 1997 when the farmers of the Kuapa Kokoo cooperative in Ghana voted to change the chocolate industry by establishing their own branded chocolate company. Their goal was to increase the benefits that cocoa farmers receive from the chocolate market. Divine was first launched in the UK in 1998 and has just recently opened a US company based in Washington, D.C. Divine is committed to empowering cocoa farmers in West Africa and educating consumers about the difference they can make by eating Fair Trade chocolate.

Most of the world's cocoa is grown in West Africa. While the chocolate market in the US is worth nearly $13 billion, most cocoa farmers have little to show for the back-breaking work that goes into growing quality cocoa. In fact, few – if any – farmers in West Africa have ever tasted chocolate. Farmers may earn as little as $300 a year.

 All of the cocoa in Divine Chocolate comes from the farmers of Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana and the farmers receive a Fair Trade price for their cocoa. The Fair Trade premium is invested by Kuapa Kokoo into schools, clean drinking water, mobile medical clinics, and entrepreneurship projects for women cocoa farmers who are Kuapa Kokoo members. Sixty percent of the national executive board of Kuapa Kokoo is made up of women.  As owners of Divine, the farmers have two seats on the Divine corporate board, a share in the profits.

Divine Chocolate's products include:

  • Divine Dark Chocolate with 70% cocoa

  • Divine Milk Chocolate

  • Divine Hazelnut Milk Chocolate

  • Divine Dark chocolate with Mint

  • Divine White Chocolate

This year, the company will feature holiday products including gold coins, after dinner mints and an advent calendar available at Whole Foods stores.

Visit www.divinechocolateusa.com


Edited by Patricia D. Sherman


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