Chocolate Caps
from The Cooperstown Cookie Company


The Cooperstown Cookie Company has added Chocolate Caps cookies to its lineup of baseball-related confections. The caps follow the introduction of the Ballpark Bunt Box, featuring nine Mudville Mudball Chocolate Chip Shortbread cookies designed to delight kids with an animal-cracker like box covered with whimsical artwork, trivia questions, and a picture find.

"The Cooperstown Cookie Company brings together the love of baseball and the love of cookies," says Pati Drumm Grady, president and founder.

The company’s Classic Baseball Shortbread cookies—in the shape and size of regulation baseballs--were introduced at the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s 2004 World Series Gala. Since then, the Cooperstown-based company has developed thirteen new products and sold Classic Baseball Shortbread across the country.   Major League Baseball serves these cookies at receptions and has presented each All Star Player with a Cooperstown Cookie gift.

Cooperstown Cookie Company shares a portion of profits with Pathfinder Village, a residential community dedicated to children and adults with Down syndrome. Products are packaged and shipped by Human Technologies Corporation, a nonprofit company committed to enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities and others who have barriers to employment.



Edited by Patricia D. Sherman


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