Chocolate Bug Bites


Chocolate Bug Bites, a new product from Indianapolis-based Endangered Species Chocolate, are organic-certified milk (52% cocoa) or dark (70% cocoa) chocolate bite-sized squares. They are sold in many natural food stores, Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppes, and other retail outlets as single treats.

Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC) was founded in 1993 and donates 10 percent of net profits to support species, habitat and humanity. ESC confirms that all chocolate used by the company is created from ethically traded, shade-grown cacao from small family-owned properties that support the habitats and communities in which they exist. Fair prices are paid for all harvested products used in making ESC’s chocolate products and a fair wage and humane working conditions are ensured for all workers.

In February 2006, four ESC team members traveled to the Ikom region of Nigeria, source of chocolate used in the company’s products. ESC sponsored the provision of school supplies for children and the installation of water pumps for two local villages.

More than 30 ESC products are available to customers who crave premium, all-natural chocolate.

The 3 ounce all-natural bars, 1.4 ounce premium organic bars, 0.35 ounce bite-size treats, gift boxes and baking chocolates are offered in a variety flavors.



Edited by Jennifer L. Price


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