New Products From Lily’s Sweets and Late for the Sky Production Company.
New Products 2011 Holiday Chocolate Gift Ideas.
New Products New products from Chocoveda, Chocoveda,
and Dove Chocolate Discoveries
Low-Calorie Ice Cream Low Calorie: 85-calorie Chocolate-covered Ice Cream Bar from Arctic Zero
New products Editor’s Picks: Ghyslain Chocolatier Triple Crown Collection,
The Royal Wedding, South African Pudding, Earth-friendly Bars
New products Two New Lindt Excellence Bars
New products Chuao Chocolatier Brownie Mixes
New products Ricky’s Lucky Nuts Cocoa & Vanilla Bean,
Chocolate Macaroons from Lily Bloom’s Kitchen,
and Hotel Chocolat's Liquid Chocolat mixers.
Chocolate Sauces Six Sassy Sauces created by Pastry Chef Maureen Harder
New products Clown Fish from Moonstruck Chocolate, and other treats from Wolfgang Candy, Edward Marc Chocolatier, and Donna’s. Cookies
New products New Chocolate Products Roundup
Gifts Mother’s Day Gifts Valrohna and Maker’s Mark Bourbon Chocolate
Fine Ester Eggs For traditionalists: Elegant Easter Eggs from Valrhona and Martine’s.
Godiva Spring Collection Milk Chocolate Pearl Carrot and other seasonal confections from Godiva.
Easter Easter Egg Sandwich and other seasonal treats from British Chocolatier, Hotel Chocolat.
Passover Two new chocolate creations, almond bark and chocolate macaroons.
Chocolate Collection Coastal Mist Fine Chocolates
For Children Gingerbread House with a chocolate pot of gold
Chocolate Gifts 2009 Holiday Gift Ideas for Chocolate Lovers
New Products Editor’s Picks: Chocolate BubbleR, MallowDrama Cakes, Grandma Ruby’s Fudge, Choc Stix, and Vosges Chocolate drinks
Chocolate & Peanut Butter New Product: Jer’s: Eleven Varieties of All-Natural Chocolate Peanut Butter Confections
New Chocolates New from Bridge Brands Chocolate: Got Milk? Chocolate Products and Sport Lover’s Chocolate
Healthful Chocolates Editor's Roundup: Chocolates for Special Tastes Vegan, Nut-free, Eco-friendly
Chocolate Collection Moon Rocks—Chocolate collection marks 40th anniversary of moon walk
Healthful Chocolates Chocolates for the Health-conscious from Chocolatier Tracey Downy and Xan Confections
Mother's Day Ideas What does a chocoholic give her mother for Mother's Day? By Madelyn Miller, the TravelLady
Mother's Day Ideas Mother’s Day: Seven Chocolate Gift Ideas
Cookies Donsuemor Chocolate Madeleines
Chocolate Covered Cherries Cherries Divine Chocolatiers
Tea Chocolate Mint Truffle Tea from Mighty Leaf
Chocolate infused tequila Tanteo Tequila Chocolate
Infused Chocolates Chocolate from PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur and Garrison Confections
Cup Cakes and Chocolates New stops for chocoholics: Mochamoda in Calvert and Crave Cupcakes in Houston
New Chocolates Compartes Chocolatier is uniting with Relief Beads for Darfur.
Holiday Gift Roundup Gourmet chocolates, stocking stuffers, and other chocolate products.
New Line Dark Chocolate the Next Red Wine? Norman Love Thinks So.
Holidays Chocolate Treats to Complement Thanksgiving Feasts
Chocolate Gifts Editor’s New Chocolate Product Roundup by Patricia D. Sherman
New Teas Five Chocolate Craving Teas from Dr. Tea
Mother's Day Gifts Three Great Ideas for Mother’s Day
Easter Bunnies

Meet the Bunnies: Three Chocolate Easter Creations

Chocolate Bars Vere Launches 100 Percent Organic Dark Chocolate Bars
Valentine's Gifts Three Valentine’s Day Ideas for Chocophiles
Gourmet Gifts Holidays Chocolate Thoughts
Fair Trade Fair Trade Chocolate Company Owned by Ghana Growers Opens US Branch
Candy Chocolate Caps from The Cooperstown Cookie Company
Candy Bar 3 Musketeers Mint Bars: First Brand Extension in 75 Years
Premium Specialty Foods HELP USA Introduces New Gourmet Line of Chocolate Treats
Organic Four New Organic Chocolate Products
Organic & Fair Trade Theo Chocolate: Bean-to-Bar Maker of Premium Organic
and Fair Trade Certified
Chocolate & Tea Chocolate and Tea: Twice as Healthy Together
Bite Size Chocolates New Product: Chocolate Bug Bites
Spoon Fudge Charssi Spoon Fudge
Mother's Day Gifts Mom Can Tote Her Chocolate Treats in Style -- from Chauo Chocolatier and Alison Nelson Chocolate Bar.
Chocolates for Spring Vosges: Colorful Blooms Adorn Truffles in New Le Luxe Fleur Series
Chocolates for Spring Joseph Schmidt Confections 2007 Spring Collection
New Chocolate Line Chuao Chocolatier Introduces Two New Chocolate Lines
Chocolates Easter Chocolates Are the Ultimate Gift of Love
Colas and Truffles Hershey’s Cocoa Reserve Line Adds Premium Drinking Cocoas and
Single Origin Truffles
Brownies New Product: Grown-up Brownies from Dolcielo in Atlanta.
Cosmetics Three Chocolate-based cosmetics from Lush Cosmetics
Chocolates A Chocolate Dream Realized by Beth Tully, Master Chocolatier
Chocolate Cafe Artisan Chocolate Studio and Cafe in Laguna Niguel, Orange County, CA
Chocolate Collection CocoaBella in San Francisco Announces Top Artisan Picks of 2006
Bite Size Treats ChocoFlakes from Panache Chocolatier in Kansas City.
New York Snack Quick Chocolate Bite: Chocolate Soup Dumplings
New Chocolate Line

Tricky Confections from New York Chocolatier Joan Coukos
by Patricia D. Sherman

New Chocolate Line J. Emanuel Chocolatier: Tad Van Leer Launches Chocolate Line
New Bars and Caramels Cocoa Designs Introduces New Flavors of Cocoa Nuts Bars and Caramels
ChocoPod Bar Chuao Chocolatier introduces new ChocoPod Bar
Dove Sugar-Free Chocolates New Product Review: Dove Sugar-free Chocolates by John M. Sedlak
Chocolate Bars Organic Tea Infused Chocolate Bars from Joanie’s Smiles
Dessert Beverage Caffe D’Amore Introduces Bellagio Sipping Chocolate
Chocolate of the "momth" Chocolat Michel Cluizel Kicks Off Year-Long Celebration Of Moms With Chocolate Of The “Momth” Club
Chocolate for Mother's Day Martine's Chocolate and Flowers—Two Gifts in One!—for Mother’s Day
Chocolate Cakes Hollywood's Cake2Go offers a gift perfect for any occasion
Easter Chocolate Martine's Chocolates Introduces Easter Collection
Chocolate Sushi Suedy’s Koo-Ki Sushi: Chocolate Sushi: Looks Can Be Deceiving
by Madelyn Miller, the TravelLady
Chocolate Candy Seduction by Chocolate: Romanicos Chocolates in Coral Gables
Chocolate Cake Morton's Chocolate Velvet Cake: Is It a Cocktail in Disguise?
by Madelyn Miller, the TravelLady
Cookies Cookies by Design: A New Trend in Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gifts
Chocolate & CD Chocolate and Laughter: The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift
Chocolate Bonbon Champagne Chocolate Kiss from Chocolatier Jacques Torres
No-Cal Soft Drinks A Thoughtful Gift for Valentines Counting Calories and Restricting Sugar
Chocolate & Champagne Put Your Valentine in the Mood for Love
Healthful Chocolate Bar Beautiful Bones Bar: The Ideal Treat for Health-conscious Chocophiles
Chocolate Cake Rowena’s Sugar-free Double Delicious Chocolate Cake: A Review
by John M. Sedlak, Ph.D.
Chocolate Bar Lindt Perfects World’s Purest Chocolate Bar by Madelyn Miller
Chocolate Truffles Serious about Truffles by Patricia D. Sherman
Chocolate--Dipped Fruit A Berry Good Idea by Sandra Scott
Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Can a Chocolate Chip be Too Big? by Becky Linhardt
Sugar-Free Pound Cake Rowena's Sugar-free Chocolate Pound Cake with Maltitol
Chocolate Shop Comparte's in Brentwood Is New Hotspot
Dark Chocolate Bar Shutters on the Beach Launches Exclusive Sunset Dark Milk Chocolate Bar
Chocolate Shop A Chocolate Find in the Heart of Indiana’s Amish Country
by Maryellen M. Hayes
Chocolate Baking Chunks New Schokinag Chocolate Products For Serious Home Chefs
Chocolate Chips Natural Foods Pioneer Creates Healthier Baking Chips
Chocolate Shops Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory:
One Man's Dream Makes for a Sweet Opportunity
Lounge ethel’s chocolate lounge—The Perfect Place for Chocolatiers to Hang Out
Chuao Chocolatier Artisan Chocolates with a Fiery Twist


Forget The Holiday Ham by Madelyn Miller
Chocolate Scents Making Scents of Chocolate by Jeri Quinzio
Chocolate Chip Cookies Where to Get the Very Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the World
by Madelyn Miller


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